Monday, February 16, 2009


Isn't it common knowledge that there is an eye in the storm that is peaceful and quiet? Well, saying that our life is a storm wouldn't be quite the right description, maybe a whirlwind. whew! But while we were in Tampa, we were able to take a few moments to stop and catch our breath real quick before we had to turn around and come back home!
The girls had an awesome time in Tampa. They got to fly for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once they got away from their nerved out mom, they relaxed and enjoyed the flight! My mom was able to meet them at the gate and escort them to the baggage claim via the shuttle. They got to meet new friends - Autumn and Summer Smalley. Then they got to spend some time at the beach, and Grandpa took off work to take them to the zoo. My mom and dad did a fantastic job just spoiling them rotten!
What are grandparents for, anyway?!
After Steve and I got there, we got to go see Grandma D at her sweet little place in Zephyrhills. Grandma is so precious, and I really wish I could spend more time with her. I think an extended visit to Sylvan Springs is in order!
We were able to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday! It has been a long time since I have been able to be with my dad on his birthday, so we really celebrated in style!
We also went to Hobe Sound for an evening at Sea Breeze Camp. The girls got to dip their feet in the Atlantic ocean for the first time! We saw a few friends, and so enjoyed spending time with Joan and Brent Hoffpauir after church. We enjoyed meeting Brent and renewing our friendship with Joan.
Steve, along with other denominational leaders, met with the Bible College students for the purpose of recruiting them into the various vacant positions that are available for ministry. Then back to Tampa, and back home on Saturday.
It was so good to be with my parents. God has truly worked miracles for them and we are so grateful.

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