Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring is coming!!

Who all has cabin fever around here? Around here, we know spring is coming because the thunderstorms and tornado threats become more frequent! It is absolutely dreary outside, and Steve said we can expect about 4 inches of rain! We also have an unofficial contest to see who sees the first robin of spring. Tara was so excited as she counted 7 then 14 robins in our yard! Katelyn had to go grab her camera! We have had a special attraction to robins ever since our own special little Robyn went to be with Jesus. Katelyn put one of these pictures on the home screen of my computer. She said, "I'm so glad we named her Robyn,"--she will always be close to our hearts, especially in the spring!


  1. Aww...that is precious! I love it that you aren't afraid to talk about your Robyn.

  2. Robins are such a hopeful bird. Every time they show it is a sign of change. A reminder that time moves on and things are made new. Thanks for posting.

  3. How sweet - what a great way to remember your precious girl!
    Side note: (after you commented on my blog, I added this comment and wasn't for sure if you would see it, so here it is) : "I guess I should have checked her temp before I commented - she is fever free - yeah, yeah! Now for the nose/cough to clear....Connie, which we could get to see you sometime!!"