Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moving to Tampa!

We all gathered in St. Louis for one last hurrah at the old home place. Mom and Dad are moving to Tampa, Florida, and taking Grandma D with them. The cousins had so much fun and kept everything light hearted at this bittersweet time. We're so happy for Mom and Dad and Grandma. The "Sunshine State" should take real good care of them!

Who needs Six Flags??

Katelyn and Mark 3's boys, Grant and Chip, all had their fun during the down times of moving Grandma and Grandpa Russell. A little imagination, platforms on wheels, and plastic totes can go a long ways!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to our world, Baby Jeremy!

We are so happy to announce that Baby Jeremy arrived Friday, November 16th. Mom Kimmy is doing exceptionally well; Dad David and DJ aren't doing too shabby, either! We intend to shower this one with hugs, kisses, and any other way we can spoil him absolutely rotten! Here is a picture of his beautiful self, and one with Cousin Tara and Grandma Snodgrass.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Thanks to Katelyn, our freezer will soon be bulging with good, old fashioned, cholesterol free venison! Katelyn, her Dad, and Grandpa Snodgrass took to the woods for opening day and saw so many deer that Grandpa just got tired of keeping count! This 10 point beauty stepped out, buck fever stepped in, but Katelyn soon overcame and the rest is history! Katie sends a big thank you to Uncle Bebo and Uncle David for helping to track this deer and bring it home. We're real proud of you, Katie!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sea shells, sand castles and rain, rain, rain........

Another highlight of the year was a trip to the beach. The girls had been begging to be able to see the gulf for a long time, so between Aunt Mary Beth and I, we were able to pull off a short trip to Gulf Shores. The first day we were there, it rained cats and dogs, but Mary Beth wouldn't let us grieve over that for long. There were lots of outlets and fun places to shop, so shop we did until we dropped! We had a fun, girly day shopping, eating out, doing pedicures, you name it! The rain finally stopped the 2nd day, so we were able to enjoy the beach to the fullest. We collected so many sea shells, played in the waves, drew our names in the sand, built sand castles, and more or less "vegged" on beach chairs all day. We had an absolutely wonderful time, and we can't wait to go back! Thanks, Mary Beth, for going with us. You made the trip so worth while!