Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Something to blog about...

Life --as we know it--couldn't be more exciting at the moment! Everyone in our family has attained a momentous milestone all within the past several weeks.
My milestone ~ After years and years of waiting and hoping, it looks like we are going to add to the family tree! When we started getting good reports from the doctor, we felt safe to share the news that we are going to have a baby! Due date - June 2. When you have experienced pregnancy loss, you kind of approach the whole idea with caution. You want to be hopeful, yet not presumptuous. We are fully aware that good health and good progress are all direct gifts from God's hand.

Steve's milestone ~ First time world traveler! Steve made a trip around the globe to our mission work in India. Wow! What an experience! We were so thankful he was able to make the trip with a veteran traveler - Bro. Steve Robinson. God certainly used them in amazing ways, and they received such amazing blessings from these precious people that we sponsor in Tenali, India. Tara's milestone ~ She shot her first deer! Hurray for Tara! This was her first time to hunt with a rifle! She was so calm and confident, and knocked that deer down!! It wasn't until she was climbing down out of the stand that she started getting "buck fever!" There was no need to track any blood! Her daddy was so proud ~ her cousin DJ was so proud ~ everyone was so proud of her! I know her Grandpa Snodgrass would have been bursting at the seams!

Katie's milestone ~ sweet 16! We had a grand time celebrating! Our friends the Truitts were able to come from Missouri, which made the weekend extra special. Celebrating entailed the Cheesecake Factory on Friday night, shopping all day Saturday, and finally a birthday party after church Sunday evening with around 40 friends and family ~ topped off with an "Oreo" cake from Edgars Bakery. What a sweet celebration for such a sweet girl! Our prayer is that she will grow in grace and the love of our Savior! Love you, Katie!