Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

It's not every day you get to greet the President, let alone wish him a happy birthday, let alone one who is 200 years old! Imagine our surprise when we walked into a Bob Evans restaurant last Thursday, and lo and behold, there stood Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln! He was so gracious to take time to talk to the girls, but he paid special attention to Tara. He told her that it was a girl about her age that convinced him to grow a beard. The girl's name was Grace Bidell, and she told Mr. Lincoln that he had a plain face. She said that if he would just grow a beard, she may be able to convince her brothers to vote for him. So he did! Another interesting fact is that he only wore his beard during his presidency. Then he invited Tara to join the group at his table while he gave a speech--the "Gettysburg Address." I'm sure Tara will long remember this fun diversion to the day.

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