Monday, February 2, 2009

Double Date!

Another fun thing we were able to do this weekend was go on a double date with Troy and Jenn. After we had taken the girls shopping for a couple of days, they so sweetly consented to babysit all the kids so the 4 of us could go out. We went to our new favorite Italian restaurant - Leonardo's. They have a renowned concert pianist perform for the guests every Saturday night, and we enjoyed that so much! Good food, good atmosphere, good fellowship, but most of all, good friends. We have been blessed with many very good friends. The Truitts had to leave this morning, and throughout the day, I reflected on our time together. It's great to have the feeling that when you part company with friends, you come away wanting to be a better person. Troy and Jenn are friends just like that. Because of our time together, I feel refreshed in my spirit. I'm looking forward to being a better pastor's wife, a better parent, and a better Christian. Thanks, Truitts, for staying those few extra days. You were a tremendous blessing to us all!

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