Monday, February 9, 2009

Blessings along the way....

Happiness is also found in enjoying the blessings of friends as we go along the way. Our travels took us through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas before we pointed Ms. Malibu toward home. Our hearts are full with good memories of time spent with good friends. I had fun getting acquainted with a certain sweet little Brooklyn Yancey, but her brothers might not be too happy that Joshua now knows how to make a rubber band gun around his hand. What can I say- I'm a teacher at heart! We'll be home this evening then off to Tampa tomorrow! The next post will have pictures, you can be sure.
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  1. Hi Connie! Glad to see you with blogspot. I couldn't ever leave a message on your other for some reason...I'll be keeping in touch.

  2. Hey Connie1! I think you and I had the same problem!! Somehow I didn't have you added on the blogs I follow! I kept wondering why you weren't posting and then I realized you weren't there! :) So I caught up on you and wanted to tell you thanks for the great weekend we spent with you all! It was so relaxing and fun! We love you all and hope you have a great time in Florida!! See you in a few days!

  3. Hello Connie! We look forward in seeing you all at IHC too! The hotel we got is called Double Tree. It's like 4 blocks from the Convention Center. Hope that helps...let me know if you can't find it...if you try to inquire the hotel. It would be fun to stay in the same hotel!!! :)