Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heavy Hearts

We are just having the hardest time acclimating ourselves to living life without Dad Snodgrass. But then, we didn't expect it would be easy. I always wanted Steve to know that I never wanted to stand in the way of any time he was able to spend with his dad, whether on the phone or in person--knowing that this time was going to come all too soon. As the days go by, we all find so many ways that we miss him--in just ordinary, every-day things. It has been heart-breaking watching my girls grieve for their Grandpa. Steve's grief is quite heavy. He consulted his dad frequently, and his advice was held in high regard. God's grace will see us through. This is just another milestone on our path to heaven. More than ever we are determined to make it there at any cost.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bus Convention

Steve and I were so privileged to be able to attend Bus Convention this year. It was our first time, and, WOW! We feel so much richer! Steve was able to take in some of the pastoral leadership sessions. He really enjoyed the classes led by Bro. Jack Hooker, and Bro. Darrell Stetler II. I was able to go to a Bus Ministry class led by Bro. Leonard Raub--that guy has boundless energy, it seems. He really inspired me. Then I got to go here my hero, Bro. Barry Mason. He is chuck full of incredible resources!! Children's ministry is dear to my heart. My friends will tell you that if you just mention the topic, it turns on my switch and I could talk about it for the rest of the day!! The rest of the time, I attended the sessions dealing with teens and young people. What a needy world we live in. Our kids are constantly searching for something real, and we have the answer--why do we keep it a secret? God help me!!!

One other highlight I will mention is that I got to meet Sis. Judy Fay. My grandmother says she was inspired to do children's work by this dear lady. Grandma had a very successful children's ministry down through the years, and I have inherited many, many tools and resources from her. It was so gratifying for me to be able to meet Sis. Fay and thank her for the influence she had on Grandma. I have a rich heritage. I am very blessed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ha ha ha who said anything about spring???

My poor little porch robin!! Can you believe this?? I jinxed us all! Here we are in Alabama, the 1st day of March, and it's snowing like crazy! You know how it is down here--there are probably more salt trucks in your county than there are in the entire state! Well, I must say it is better than March 1st 2 years ago--we had tornadoes blowing through here. My girls gathered all their precious belongings and headed for the storm shelter. They hollered out, "Sorry, Mom, there's no room for you in here!" I assured them that I have always loved them and would see them in heaven!!

..I prefer the snow!
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