Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The new year started off with a beautiful day. Almost everyone I have talked to are happy to say good bye to 2008. Well, regardless of all that, God has already gone before us, He already knows all about 2009, and between you and me, I am happy to place my trust in Him!

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was quite an adventure. Thanks to our good friends who loaned us their 4-wheel drive vehicle, and my wonderful husband, we travelled over 3,000 miles through wind, rain, snow, sleet and ice. We stopped in Rock Island, IL to be with Robert and Penny Jones and their family. We enjoyed our time there worshipping at the Davenport PNC and fellowshipping with everyone there. The Christmas program was so sweet.Robert and Penny
Tara and Jillayne Jones
Alissa and Brandon Jones

Davenport PNC Christmas program

We had a great time with my brother's family on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Mom and Dad and Grandma D were with us there, too. Wow! Those visits are just too short and too long in between. My brother has a super great family, and we had a fantastic time being there.

We came home through Missouri left Katelyn and Tara behind at the Truitts. Thank you, Jenn, for letting them stay! They are home now and we have wrapped up Christmas break.

God has been so good to us. We want to be careful to always show Him how grateful we are for His blessings--but most of all for His presence. We stand in awe at the ways He shows us His watch-care over us. He protected us on our travels, He showed us His love once again through our very meaningful family time together. He showed His watch-care over our souls by allowing us to experience things that drew us closer to Him. My soul has been very enriched over this Holiday season.

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