Monday, January 26, 2009

Get out the marinade, fire up the grill!!!

Katie had a fun invite from Bro. Larry Carver to go hunting all day! She hit the ground running at 3am (well, she hit the ground at that time, anyway) and when she got to the woods, she was ready, brotha! The morning hunt was very successful with a buck and a doe down! Wow, Katie! She says, "Yay! I'm loving life right now!" Well, she is now 1 up on her dad with only a week left of season.... Isn't that sad--I mean with a season that starts the middle of October and goes until the end of January, why does the last week have to get here so soon? Well, my hubby so sweetly invited me to go along with him for this morning's hunt at one of his favorite stands. There is nothing quite like being present while the forest comes to life. It was a beautiful morning with a tolerable level of chilliness. I tried to sit very still, be very quiet, look for deer and read my book. We did see 4 deer, but, sadly, he could not get a shot on any of them. Katie won the day!


  1. Aww! That's so fun! I love going hunting with my hubby! Does that make us tomboys? Oh well.

  2. Tomboys! That's kinda funny. I would be the prissiest tomboy there is! I THOROUGHLY enjoyed being in the woods with Steve as the forest came to life. Nothing like it!

  3. You come by it honestly. I would be a prissy tomboy, too. My idea of camping out is in a n-i-c-e RV! lol!