Monday, January 9, 2012

Cozies and Coasters

Well, the creative juices continue to flow! And I'm just trying to keep up!
When I got this idea, my first thought was to embroider the names on my machine. Unfortunately my machine is not dependable. (I need to spend some quality time there.) As I was randomly cruising down the clearance aisle in Walmart, I saw this package of fabric sheets that you can use in your ink jet printer!! I was so pleased! Since I am happy to let patience continue to have her perfect work for a little while longer (James 1:4) before I tackle the embroidery machine, I got right to work on these little cozies and coasters.
In the recent past, I have done some sewing for a lady who designs children's clothing. I happened to have some scraps from some of those cute little outfits stashed away in my sewing room, just waiting for a project like this to come along! Nana and Grandma D were absolutely thrilled with their little gifts. Grandpa hasn't received his, yet, but I'm thinking he will be equally as pleased!

I linked up with Chari for Finished Object Friday even though it isn't Friday anymore! :)


  1. Very cute!! I've thought about making cozies, but have never done it - I think they are a lot of fun! :) I love the names on these! :)

  2. Ok, you're inspiring me. I bought some of that fabric paper stuff maybe 6 months ago...I really need to try it out! Thinking about using it on some pillows. Love your projects, they turned out really cute =)

  3. Very cute and fun gifts. And the jumper for your little Maddie was cute too! =)


  4. Thanks, friends! It's so much fun when a project comes together quickly and cutely! :)