Friday, December 16, 2011

Pretty Cute!

I have always loved to crochet. My Grandma Russell taught me how, and it is one of the sweet memories of her that I hold dear to my heart. Anyway, while looking at all the nifty gifty things in a truck stop on one of our travels, I saw a cute headband/ear warmer for ten bucks. 'Hmm,' I thought, 'Really, now, why should I pay that much money for something I could probably make in a few hours?!' Well, I found a few free crochet patterns on line, but I couldn't find one that completely struck my fancy, so I used it for inspiration. My daughters had some good advice for the design, and after a little tweeking, I came up with this:

It went from start to finish all in an evening. Maddie has some cute little crocheted flowers for her hair, so after close inspection, I figured out a way to make this:

Here is the finished look.

Don't ask me for the pattern, I'm not patient enough to jot down all the "row 1: 3dc, bpdc *repeat after the *" You know what I mean! While I was putting on the finishing touches, I realized that I would be able to link up to Charity's "Finished Object Friday" for the first time! That makes me pretty happy!


  1. Very pretty!! I've seen those a lot lately, and I've been wanting to knit one, but haven't yet. I love the flower too!! Thanks for sharing (and for your patience!) ;)

  2. Thanks, Charity! I thought you might like this! Now, am I supposed to link to your page from mine or is it enough to have the link on your page? (I want all my many readers to know we're friends!) :)

  3. Very cute!

    I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Just got your comment about the P.Butter fudge. Thank you for your sweet comment! If you have a recipe that is easier, I'd love to have it. My problem is that a lot of fudge recipes call for marshmallow creme or a candy thermometer of which I can't get either! =( So, if your recipe doesn't call for one of those, I'd love to have it! =)

    Christmas Blessings,

  5. So, Heather, does marshmallow creme travel well? If so, I would LOVE to send you some along with the recipe!

  6. It's great if you want to link back to me in your post... that way people can find the other FOFs. :)

  7. Thanks! Oh, and I keep meaning to say... I love all your new pictures on your blog! So cute!!! :)

  8. Love this! And I bet it's even cuter on the little lady =)

  9. very nice! Love the flower. Would love to have flower pattern, if you have that one. I know how it is to try to write down crochet original crochet patterns. I have my own shorthand so to speak when I jot them down for myself. It takes a "miracle" follow some of my jottings....not because they are so hard to do, but that they are so hard to follow....even for me, and I jotted them! LOL

  10. Brittany ~ I would have had one of them pose, but they were off galavanting and I wanted to get this posted! :)

    OK, Anonymous, here goes. For this flower, I used thread like you use for doilies, and a bigger needle, so all my stitches were loose, but it made the flower bigger.

    start: ch 5, sl st in 1st ch to form ring.
    row 1: *sc in ring, ch 2, 2 dbc, ch 2* repeat 5 times (to form 6 petals). Join with sl st in beg sc. Do not turn.
    row 2: (working behind the petals)*ch 3, sl st in sc (between the petals)* repeat 5 times. (you should have 6 loops behind the petals) Join with sl st in 1st sl st. Do not turn.
    row 3: *sc in next loop, ch 2, 4 dbc, ch 2, sc* repeat 5 times. Join with sl st. Do not turn.
    row 4: (working behind the petals) *ch 4, sl st between sc* repeat 5 times. Join with sl st. Do not turn.
    row 5: *sc in next loop, ch 2, 6 dbc, ch 2, sc* repeat 5 times. Join with sl st.
    If you want a bigger flower, just continue increasing the length of the chains behind the petals, then increase the dbc in the loops.

    Hope I didn't miss any stitches. This is kind of like playing by ear, then trying to write down the music! I guess I'm a little more patient in the mornings, Charity! ha!