Monday, October 4, 2010

Textbook Delivery

No, I’m not talking about getting school books in the mail; I’m talking about labor and delivery, babies being born, Madelyn’s birth experience. This was one right out of the textbooks! The only hitch that I know of was the fact that I had tested positive for strep B and had to take an antibiotic. Ideally, Madelyn needed to wait 4 hours after that medication was administered to be born so she wouldn’t have to undergo a few extra tests. So, that day, I was concerned about a few things, had a few random contractions, took a few laps around the mall, and called the doc to see if I could come in to listen to her heartbeat for awhile. He said, “Sure, come on up!” I went on up, got strapped to the monitors and went into labor, just like that! The nurse felt sure things would continue nicely, and gave her opinion to the doc. He came in and concurred, and the ball started rolling in the right direction just like they teach in the textbooks! The nurse gave me the antibiotic at 6:25 pm and announced that she would like for the baby to be born after 10:25, but before 11. After 10:25 because of the medicine, and before 11 because of the shift change and she wanted to be there for the delivery!
(The birth announcement that never got printed or mailed out!)
And that, folks, is exactly what happened! God blessed us with a very smooth, uneventful labor and delivery of a beautiful baby girl. She was born at 10:32 pm—much to Amanda’s (my nurse) delight. She weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces and had red hair! Her lungs (which were a concern 2 days prior) seemed to be in excellent shape! Our loving heavenly Father knows what lies in store for us. I get teary-eyed when I think of His goodness to me. It seems as though He stepped in and gave absolutely no room for the enemy to do any dirty work right here because He knew what was right around the corner for us. I had a very sweet 2 ½ weeks to get acquainted with my precious bundle. There were some adjustments that are typical to getting acclimated to having a newborn, but my only real concern was my shortness of breath that never would get better. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter baby. We are so proud of Madelyn Grace Snodgrass!

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