Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bus Convention

Steve and I were so privileged to be able to attend Bus Convention this year. It was our first time, and, WOW! We feel so much richer! Steve was able to take in some of the pastoral leadership sessions. He really enjoyed the classes led by Bro. Jack Hooker, and Bro. Darrell Stetler II. I was able to go to a Bus Ministry class led by Bro. Leonard Raub--that guy has boundless energy, it seems. He really inspired me. Then I got to go here my hero, Bro. Barry Mason. He is chuck full of incredible resources!! Children's ministry is dear to my heart. My friends will tell you that if you just mention the topic, it turns on my switch and I could talk about it for the rest of the day!! The rest of the time, I attended the sessions dealing with teens and young people. What a needy world we live in. Our kids are constantly searching for something real, and we have the answer--why do we keep it a secret? God help me!!!

One other highlight I will mention is that I got to meet Sis. Judy Fay. My grandmother says she was inspired to do children's work by this dear lady. Grandma had a very successful children's ministry down through the years, and I have inherited many, many tools and resources from her. It was so gratifying for me to be able to meet Sis. Fay and thank her for the influence she had on Grandma. I have a rich heritage. I am very blessed.


  1. I wanna go next year... You've got me inspired! Mom

  2. Connie, it was very inspiring and I am grateful I went. We had such a great time with you and Steve. Thanks again for a our meal on Thursday evening (even if I couldn't taste it.) I went to the Dr. He said I have a sinus and an ear infection. After a shot and some meds I am feeling better.

  3. Enjoyed your post Connie. I too have a heart for children...love to talk about it!

    I have never went to Bus Convention. We watched it and heard the wonderful testimonies...it so inspired me. Bro. Cravens also gave a good message!

    Take care...to a sweet girl!